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All China Supply and Marketing Cooperative General Bureau ishttp://www.chinacoop.gov.cn/下辖China Supply and Marketing Group Limited


Ownership company

China Agricultural Group is http://www.sino-agri.com/index.html



Shandong Middle agriculture united crop Science and Technology Co., LTD(referred to as "Crop Company") is a wholly-owned holding enterprise of Shandong Middle-Agriculture United Biotechnology Co., LTD。

The main scope of the crop company includes: agricultural fertilizer, lawn, fruits, vegetables, agricultural machinery, no longer packaged seeds sales;Import and export of commodities and technologies on its own or as agents;Agricultural professional technical services, technology development, technology transfer;Nutritional formula fertilization, seed treatment and comprehensive prevention and control services for grain and oil crops, fruit trees, vegetables, tea trees and lawns。Pesticides (no hazardous chemicals) are sold。


United Crop Protection Inc(referred to as "United Crops") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Zhongpeasant United established in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in June 2017, with a registered capital of HK $100,000, and its main business is pesticide sales。


Weifang Zhongnong United Chemical Co., LTD

Located in the Green Chemical Industry Park of Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone, it is a wholly-owned limited liability company that produces pesticides and chemical intermediates。Shandong Province safety standardization secondary enterprise is also through the ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO9001 quality management system of enterprises。The company mainly produces ethyl ester, imidazolidane, trimethopol, benzylodan, methylguanidine, Weib mu, pentyneoxamine。




Shandong United Pesticide Industry Co., LTD

The company was registered and established in July 1995 in Shandong Province Administration for Industry and Commerce, the company is located in Tai 'an City Fan Town Industrial Park chemical industry zone, the company to biological pesticides, chemical pesticides, intermediates and fine chemicals production and sales as the main business, in 2009 through the ISO9000 international quality management system certification。

The company follows the strategic policy of leading science and technology management science, structure optimization, excellent quality and the purpose of serving agriculture, agriculture and agriculture, and is committed to the development, production and management of high-tech agrochemical products and biochemical technology products, and the development of high efficiency, low toxicity and environmental protection pesticide new products。